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How to booking massage ?

(1) . When you make a reservation please let us know what type of massage we supplied you want to have.and what’s the time you want it .

(2) .You can book it online . by email or simply give us a call .

(3) . Please tell us your true name . current telephone or cell phone number.the room number . and the address of your hotel or your apartment . These informations are ne cessary for the masseuse to arrive your place quickly . 

(4) . Booking every time after we arrange somebody for you . we will call you back to confirm it . this is better to make you reservation at least 1 hour before you want it . ordinarily our masseuse will arrive in 30mins .

(5) . Massage will be started immediately when our masseuses get to your hotel room at the appoin time . (please be sure you are in the room st the appointed time).

(6) . please be sure that you'll wait in your room at the appointed time .if not our masseuses will wait 10 more minutes .then she will leave. 


Kindly Note: some hotels do not allow our masseuses to go up to your room, if so, we will give a call upon arrival, and then please come down to the lobby to bring her up to your room.


Tel : 0086 - 135 0124 9176

E-mail :  sensualmassage88@sina.com

Wechat :  17130828042 

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